IC Handlers | Aetrium


Aetrium offers a broad IC Handler product portfolio. From the dual site V6 to the latest generation, 8-site VMAX, Aetrium’s product offerings are designed to meet all of your high volume production needs.

Aetrium’s Model V Series IC Test Handlers are ideally suited for octal, quad, and dual site production volume handling of a variety of integrated circuits using tube or metal magazine input and output media. The small footprint handler is capable of handling a wide variety of packages including SOIC, SSOP, TSSOP, MSOP, QSOP, and many other new leadless QFN type packages.

The V Series gravity handler’s flexible feature set can be utilized across the entire spectrum of market segments, including automotive, consumer, industrial, computer, and communication industries.


Aetrium’s Model V Series IC Test Handlers have exceeded today’s traditional handling capabilities with the introduction of the Aetrium proprietary Rotate Test Site and Mechanical Refrigeration system.

  • Rotate Test Site – Unlike traditional test site plunge assemblies, the Rotate Test Site assembly can eliminate or mask unwanted handler overhead operation during the process of sorting and loading a new untested device.
  • Mechanical Refrigeration System – This self-contained cooling system delivers -55°C temperature to condition devices without the need and expense of LN2.


Combining the latest in handling technology with industry leading index time and simplistic design, the Model V Series Test Handlers have a proven track record to produce the lowest cost of test.