IC Handlers | Aetrium


Aetrium continues its tradition of innovation by creating Application Specific handlers to work with device types that require unique handling and testing needs, such as those listed below.  We can embed this technology, and more, in our full range of machines giving our customers an easy migration path from Single to Octal site capability.

Contact the factory for additional information on supporting your Application Specific needs.

MEMS Pressure Sensors

Ideal for testing pressure ICs used in automotive, communication and industrial segments.

  • Pressure Accuracy: ±.03 PSI
  • Leakage Rate: < .05 PSI/10 seconds
  • Maximum Test Pressure: 100 PSIG

Optical Sensors

Ideal for testing Optical ICs such as IR, LED and Fiber Optic receivers.

  • 0 LUX test chamber
  • Reference light source embedded
  • Optional parallel reference device testing

High Voltage/Partial Discharge Testing

Ideal for nondestructive mass production High Voltage or Partial Discharge testing.

  • Up to 10KV peak capability (tester dependent)
  • Safety Features: interlocks, test site ionizers and arc detector antenna
  • Test sites: single, dual, quad or octal (tester dependent)

High Accuracy Temperature Testing

Ideal for testing temperature dependent devices such as clock ICs or stand alone precision temperature sensor devices.

  • Test site accuracy: ± .2° C
  • Temperature range: -55° to 155° C