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Aetrium’s advanced mechanical refrigeration unit is engineered to handle the cooling needs of IC Test Handlers by enabling Tri-Temperature testingwithout the expense of LN2.

Aetrium’s mechanical refrigeration technology was introduced as an integrated solution in our V6 series more than 20 years ago.  For increased flexibility in engineering and product applications, a stand alone unit was created.  The portable MR2 can be rolled between test handlers safely and easily, thus maximizing handler utilization and overall uptime.

Fast and seamless docking with the VMAX, V16 and V8 series handlers is accomplished using toolless connections.  Additionally, the handler’s software automatically recognizes the MR2 resulting in significantly reduced set up times needed for cold testing.

The MR2 unit maximizes the Total Cost of Ownership by allowing seamless integration, eliminating LN2, reducing set up times, eliminating safety concerns related to LN2 usage and increasing handler utilization.

Key Features

  • Thermal temperature control to -55º C
  • Environmentally safe
    • HFC refrigerants used (non CFC)
  • Reduced operating costs
    • Reduce factory operating expenses by eliminating factory LN2plumbing and LN2 storage tanks
    • Increased uptime during continuous cold testing by eliminating LN2 tank replacement
    • Increase factory safety by eliminating the refill process and the transfer of LN2 tanks across factory floors
  • Options (facility dependent)
    • Low air flow module
    • Low air pressure module
    • Unstable voltage module
    • High humidity module

Mechanical Refrigeration vs. LN2

mr2 low cost 3

mr2 2