IC Handlers | Aetrium


Aetrium’s TK and Infinity series contactors are ideally suited for high volume production testing of leadless and leaded packages and are adaptable to meet a variety of test arrays and handler types.  The unique over-under flex circuit design ensures repeatable contacting for very small pad surface area and pad pitch, creating an extremely dependable contacting solution for Kelvin and Non Kelvin applications.

Maximize Uptime

  • Improve First Pass Yield by 5%
  • Improve MTBF and MTBA
  • Reduce the cleaning cycle by up to a factor of 3
  • Eliminate mechanical operations that are prone to debris

Extend Load board Life

  • Non scrubbing load board contact element reduces repair costs and unexpected yield losses

Increased Flexibility

  • Adapt to existing load boards reducing board costs and development time.

Reduced Setup Time: < 5 Minutes to Replace all of the Elements

  • For both QFN and Leaded sockets the contact elements are quickly and easily installed using the precision guide pin features. These guide pins provide for plug and play installation and reduce setup time by as much as 5 times. No special tools required – replace on location.

Simplified Cleaning Process: No expensive tools needed (clean on location

  • To maintain desired signal integrity and increased yield rate, simply clean the contacts using a small fiberglass or brass brush and compressed air.

Kelvin Socket

contactor fix

Manual Actuator

Actuator fix